What Gives A Man? Surely, A Man Who Gives A Damn!

      “What gives a man the right to think he is better than another? What gives a man the right to judge another on his colour? What gives a man the right to destroy what others have built? What gives a man the right to live in sin and have no guilt?... read more

An Old Post Revisited – The Macbeth Story

The Macbeth Story: For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul Matthew 16 verse 26 Most people know the story of Macbeth written by William Shakespeare. They have either read the book at school like I did when I was younger or they... read more

GLL Publishing – From Arizona with Love

      Who have you appreciated recently? I am currently in Arizona and saw something on the TV that really touched me. A group of teachers in High School (Secondary School in the UK), took time out to tell the student who had really positively affected... read more

Books from GLL Publishing

                    Ebooks from GLL Publishing available at Amazon, Smashwords etc – Books also available via www.gllpublishing.com Despite all odds: A Dream Fulfilled Part 1 Despite all odds: A Dream Fulfilled... read more

Chapter 2 – Truths, Lies And Untold Secrets

  CHAPTER 2   March 1859 The railroad gets stronger and more and more people are escaping to the North and beyond to Canada. I have to be careful because there are spies everywhere. Mr. and Mrs. Williamson and their two children have left us and gone to New York.... read more

Chapter 1 – Truths, Lies And Untold Secrets

        CHAPTER 1  “Night may conceal many things but on this night of February the 3rd 1860 it cannot conceal the evil that hangs insidiously in the air. Nor can it conceal the pungent smell of hate and ignorance that flow freely, assaulting the... read more

Truths, Lies And Untold Secrets

    All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord, those who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8 verse 28. These are powerful words and today, as my father, the minister, preached them with such passion, I was convinced to... read more