Chapter 9 of U Murder U (Suicide)

    CHAPTER 9   Unable to sleep, very drunk and very angry because Elle hadn’t called her back, Jessica rifled through some papers she had taken out of the secret desk compartment. She kept the compartment locked and the key to unlock it hidden in a... read more

Chapter 5 of U Murder U (Suicide)

    The next instalment of U Murder U (Suicide) below – Chapter 5 CHAPTER 5  Conference Room, Large Book Shop in Oxford Street, London “Mrs Lewis, there are nearly two hundred people in the conference room waiting for you, are you ready?” The book... read more

Chapter 4 of U Murder U (Suicide)

    The next instalment of U Murder U (Suicide) below – Chapter 4  CHAPTER 4   They worked together side by side. Flour scattered on top of the kitchen counter, chocolate chips, chocolate chunks and sugar scattered alongside the flour. Elle mixed... read more

Chapter 3 of U Murder U (Suicide)

  The next instalment of U Murder U (Suicide) below – Chapter 3 CHAPTER 3  Neil R.T. Williams crossed then uncrossed his legs as he waited to be called into Dr Lincoln’s office. He was early and had expected that being the celebrity he was the doctor... read more

Chapter 2 of U Murder U (Suicide)

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Chapter 1 of U Murder U (Suicide)

  CHAPTER 1  Battersea, London Un-suppressed, volatile, typical-teenage anger bubbled deep within Elle’s chest as she watched her mother get ready for her date. How her mother could bear to be in the same room as the philanderer baffled her (recently, due to... read more

Prologue from – U Murder U (Suicide)

U Murder U (Suicide) can be obtained in a black or red cover at PROLOGUE Chicago, Several Years Ago  Her days and her nights had become one. Nothing pleased her, nothing made her happy anymore. She hated the way she felt and hated even more... read more