Despite All Odds: A Dream Fulfilled Part 1


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Billie Lewis is a scientist working in a hospital laboratory. She, like millions of other people has a dream, but unlike many others is determined to make her dream a reality. When her path unexpectedly crosses Jamie Sanders, a singer with a voice made in heaven, she realizes that she has found the voice for the songs she has written over the years. As we follow Billie, who has no ‘real’ hands on experience in the music world we realize what she does have is her faith. With it she takes on the job of managing Jamie’s career and getting him a record deal, the start of the greatest challenge of their lives. Friends become enemies and lies become the truth. Yet, somewhere in this crazy mixed up world Billie knows that her vision will one day become a reality, that despite all odds her dream will be fulfilled.

About the Author: Gladys Lawson is a writer and a professional Microbiologist/Scientist with Management and Counseling qualifications. She has written poems and short stories from a tender age and has had a few of her pieces published. She wrote her first novel a few years ago, but put it to one side in order to concentrate on promoting and writing songs for the recording artist she manages. Gladys believes that the best writers have lived, have experienced or are experiencing what they write about. As Gladys is a Scientist and also manages a singer, her debut novel thus encompasses both of her interests – namely music and science – as well as suspense. Gladys also finds time to manage another writer who specializes in short humorous stories and is currently working on a novel. Ultimately, Gladys would like to write more books, at present she is finishing her second one, more songs and short stories.