About Author


Gladys Lawson is a Pathology Manager, Author and volunteers as an Inspirational Mentor with an education charity which works with teenagers to inspire them to reach their full potential. Gladys has written a number of books over the years and has a passion for taking important issues, doing a lot of research and producing stories that people can relate to and characters that people remember.

She also writes poems and songs, many of which can be found in her books. She says jokingly, that her first poem was about a Spider which she wrote when she was about 6 years old, it won her a prize and gave her the writing bug she has today.


This is what Gladys said about her volunteer work after her BBC 4 Live Radio Interview:

“I like being an Inspiring the Future volunteer because I believe that it is one way we as adults can make a difference to children. Not every child has encouraging parents or teachers and if I can go into a school and encourage a child to fulfill their potential and hopefully impart some of my Scientific or Writing knowledge to a child then I think I have made a difference. My mother always told me to work hard, believe and never give up – I tell my children the same thing today. I truly believe that if a child can perceive that they have a good future and believe that all things are possible if they work hard then they will one day achieve their full potential.

I talk to children about working in Pathology and writing fictional thrillers because that is what I do, there are so many adults out there in various professions who I think should volunteer and make a difference – the children are our future and who knows, you may go into a school and impart your knowledge to a child and not only change their life – you might actually save their life!”