Truths, Lies And Untold Secrets

    All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord, those who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8 verse 28. These are powerful words and today, as my father, the minister, preached them with such passion, I was convinced to an extent. For somehow, when you have seen a vision of hell on the faces of the people you love, like I have, you wonder what your purpose is, you wonder if you have indeed really been called. This is nearly the fourth year of the war between the Union of the North and us in the South. In the past months, many people have lost their families, homes, and livelihoods. We have been fortunate indeed and have not suffered much loss. Papa says we should be thankful yet more vigorous in our attempts to help our brothers in the North free the slaves. All around me I see hate on the faces of people that I have known nearly all my life. This hate is so fierce, yet it seems to have no source or reason, but just is. I am told that ‘Love Destroys Hate.’ Many nights I have lain awake wondering if this is true. In the midst of all this hate and darkness, can a light be seen? Will love claim its victory? Will the people who come after us understand why, as people who profess to love God—brother had to fight brother to free our brothers? I hope they will because I am living in this era and as God is my witness I cannot. Now,... read more

We All Know Someone Who Has Committed Suicide – Note from Author of U Murder U (Suicide)

  Q: Why is your latest novel about suicide? A: Because believe it or not we all know someone who has committed suicide.  In my author’s note I talk about someone I knew . . . .    Note from Author  Most people, like me, will know someone who committed suicide or know someone who knows someone.  When I finished my MSc in Medical Microbiology at university I got a job in a renowned London hospital’s Microbiology Laboratory and it was there that I met him, my work mentor. He wasn’t that tall, was balding, of slight built and told me once that he bought some of his trousers in the children’s section of clothing shops. He took me under his wing and taught me the difference between studying Medical Microbiology and working in a laboratory and how to put my theory know-how into practice. He used to wind me up by calling me ‘Gladiola’ instead of Gladys – he told me it was the name of a beautiful flower and I believed him (we didn’t have the internet back then for me to check if it was true or not). I worked with him for nearly seven years; two of those years were spent on maternity leave having my children. When I went back to work each time he brought me up to speed and made sure that I was okay with all the new methods.  The things I remember most are his willingness to always help me when I needed help at work and how when we had a slight misunderstanding I would frown at him, he... read more

Chapter 9 of U Murder U (Suicide)

    CHAPTER 9   Unable to sleep, very drunk and very angry because Elle hadn’t called her back, Jessica rifled through some papers she had taken out of the secret desk compartment. She kept the compartment locked and the key to unlock it hidden in a pendant on a chain around her neck. She glanced at the papers as she desperately looked for one in particular, she read words like, ‘Death is a friend of mine’ and ‘We’re going to leave this world on our terms when the time is right for us’, they made her smile as did the gothic-like art that surrounded the words. These words usually gave her comfort in her sobriety pending the time she could get hold of a drink. She found the paper she sought, relief flooded through her, igniting her nerves and sending her pulse racing; she clasped it to her chest for a few moments. She turned her iPod on, selected a song then clambered onto her bed. She closed her eyes momentarily absorbing into her soul what can only be described as morbid, death-like music. Chanting embraced and caressed the music as it spewed out from the speakers. Each syllable seemed to conjure up spirits, evil and agile spirits that pandered to her mental state of mind – they danced to the music, decadence rife. Her heart beat faster as the chanting picked up pace and the music became almost maniacal-like. Jessica swayed this way and that, her eyes rolled backwards in her head. She felt herself floating higher and higher. The banging on her bedroom door served as... read more

Chapter 5 of U Murder U (Suicide)

    The next instalment of U Murder U (Suicide) below – Chapter 5 CHAPTER 5  Conference Room, Large Book Shop in Oxford Street, London “Mrs Lewis, there are nearly two hundred people in the conference room waiting for you, are you ready?” The book shop’s posh divisional manager asked, interrupting Anna’s soliloquy. He studied the attractive woman, whose head was bent; dark, luxurious curls framed her tanned, pretty face. She opened her eyes and looked at him and he felt his breath catch at the back of his throat as he stared at her un-matching eyes. One eye was greenish brown and the other a bright greenish blue, he was unsure if they were real or lensed and even though he had read that she had heterochromia iridum (mis-matched eyes), seeing them in the flesh took his breath away. Anna Lee Lewis nodded then opened the gold locket which hung from a chain around her neck. She looked at the picture of her late mother enclosed and smiled. “I’m ready,” she said, pushed her curly hair to one side and walked to the conference room with firm, confident steps. “First of all, I want to thank you all for coming today and I also want to say, no matter what you’ve read or heard about me, unlike the little boy in that movie – I don’t see dead people,” Anna told her audience. Some people in the room laughed, others stared openly at her, not sure what to expect. “My name is Anna Lee Lewis, I was born and raised in Chicago, I co-founded the charity Talk To... read more

Chapter 4 of U Murder U (Suicide)

    The next instalment of U Murder U (Suicide) below – Chapter 4  CHAPTER 4   They worked together side by side. Flour scattered on top of the kitchen counter, chocolate chips, chocolate chunks and sugar scattered alongside the flour. Elle mixed the muffin batter and hummed a song her mother had written a few years ago and Clarissa sung the words. Elle tossed a couple of chocolate pieces into her mouth and fed her mother a piece. Clarissa smiled as the chocolate melted in her mouth. “The cookies smell really good; I love the smell of baking cookies.” “You love the smell of baking full-stop Elle.” Elle smiled, “That is so true. How many muffins are we making?” “Twelve, which should give us four each, unless someone I know decides to sneak more than her fair share.” “Who would do that?” “Oh, I don’t know, who do you think would do that Elle May? Who has a tendency of doing that Elle May?” Elle smiled sheepishly at her mother. She loved making muffins and cakes and bread and savoury dishes (containing secret ingredients) with her mother, it was one of her favourite things to do. It filled her with anticipation of something exciting. Her mother would tell her to close her eyes when she made a pie or casserole and while Elle’s eyes were closed she would add some secret herb or spice. Elle never knew what she added only that afterwards the dish would smell and taste like something out of this world. Elle carefully spooned the muffin batter into the twelve muffin cases then licked the... read more

Chapter 3 of U Murder U (Suicide)

  The next instalment of U Murder U (Suicide) below – Chapter 3 CHAPTER 3  Neil R.T. Williams crossed then uncrossed his legs as he waited to be called into Dr Lincoln’s office. He was early and had expected that being the celebrity he was the doctor would see him when he arrived but to his annoyance he had been told he would have to wait as the doctor was with another client. Patience was not a virtue that Neil was familiar with. He considered himself a go-getter, a man who made things happen quickly – very un-akin to being patient. He took a deep breath as he lifted his right leg and let his ankle rest against his left knee. His right foot tapped nervously against his left knee like a woodpecker on a new branch. The door opened and a pretty, young, red-haired lady came out with a notepad in her hand. Neil’s foot froze mid tap, he openly stared at her, as he did all pretty women. She blushed, she immediately recognised him. She had seen him in several movies and TV dramas. “Mr Williams, Dr Lincoln will see you now. I apologise that you had to wait but as I said on the phone when you called this morning, Dr Lincoln had a client who he couldn’t reschedule.” “I haven’t seen you here before, have you just started working here?” “I don’t work here I’m just helping my uncle out and getting some practical patient work experience for my MSc degree in Psychology.” “Your uncle?” “Dr Lincoln is my mother’s brother.” “Oh.” “He’ll see you... read more

Chapter 2 of U Murder U (Suicide)

  Special offer: Get a free copy of ‘Despite all odds: A Dream Fulfilled Part 1’ when you buy any book from the GLL Publishing collection. Contact me at for your free copy. Read Chapter 1 & 2 of Blood Borne Connections   –     The next instalment of U Murder U (Suicide) below – Chapter 2 CHAPTER 2  Clarissa Williams paced around her bedroom. Shocked and agitated, she bit the last remaining fingernail on her right hand as she thought about what Elle had told her moments ago. She knew she needed to do something about the situation her daughter was in but she didn’t know what to do. She contemplated calling her mother to get advice; her hand reached for her mobile phone but her brain intervened before she picked it up. Her mother was still on holiday in New York and not back for two days. Anyway, she knew what her mother would say; her mother said it all the time. “Your children are a gift from God – never forget that! Don’t neglect your child for someone else’s child Clarissa! Never hold someone else’s child higher than your own child! Discipline your children early and they will grow into wise teenagers and be wise adults! Direct your children onto the right path and when they are older they will not depart from it!”     Clarissa picked up her leather tote bag, left her house and walked quickly down the road determined to put an end to the madness wrapped up as upper-class normality she had allowed her daughter to be a... read more

Chapter 1 of U Murder U (Suicide)

  CHAPTER 1  Battersea, London Un-suppressed, volatile, typical-teenage anger bubbled deep within Elle’s chest as she watched her mother get ready for her date. How her mother could bear to be in the same room as the philanderer baffled her (recently, due to peer pressure, Elle often referred to him as the dick-head-led man, or D-H-L man, rarely as her father). Her mother applied some more blush to her cheeks and then applied some lip gloss to her lips and puckered them together. Next she ran a hand through her auburn hair and scrutinised her appearance in the mirror. Clarissa saw the scowl on her daughter’s face and took a deep breath, smiled then turned to her. “Elle May Williams, why are you frowning like that, you’re going to get wrinkles before you turn fourteen at this rate.” Perplexed and unable to comprehend why her mother was doing what she was doing, she jumped up and bumbled, “Why? Tell me . . . I don’t understand Mum . . . why?” “Why what, sweetheart?” Clarissa calmly asked, eyebrows arched. “Why are you going to dinner with him? He cheated on you so many times, he left you-” “Correction sweetheart, I asked him to leave.” “You went through weeks of depression when you found out what he’d done. Please don’t let him take you there again. The last time you went to dinner with him you came back and you were so hurt and upset.” “That was a while ago, I’m stronger now.” “Yes, but he hasn’t changed Mum, he’s still the same.” “He’s your father, Elle, I’m just trying... read more

Prologue from – U Murder U (Suicide)

U Murder U (Suicide) can be obtained in a black or red cover at PROLOGUE Chicago, Several Years Ago  Her days and her nights had become one. Nothing pleased her, nothing made her happy anymore. She hated the way she felt and hated even more the way her husband and the doctors tippy-toed around her, talking to her like she was a five year old while expecting her to act like a mother and wife. She tried to tell the doctors that her poor appetite, her inability to shut down at night and sleep like a normal person and her constant feeling of low self-esteem were not right and meant that something wasn’t right, not that she was merely depressed. She tried to tell her husband that the fact that she was always tired, moody and wasn’t turned on sexually by him anymore since she had the baby meant that something wasn’t right and not that she was just depressed. No one listened to her and since her baby was four years old they all dispelled the thought that she had ‘baby-blues’. In the past four years she had seen three physicians and five psychiatric doctors and the only thing they all seemed to agree on was that she was showing signs of depression caused by something they couldn’t identify. They took her husband’s money and in exchange gave her drugs to take (uppers and downers) which were supposed to make her feel better but often left her feeling like she was stranded on a desert island, terrified of the water around her and allergic to the sand beneath... read more

Watch this space – Chapters of U Murder U (Suicide) will soon be appearing

  Chapters of U Murder U (Suicide) will soon be appearing on this blog! Why did ten young people wake up one morning and convene at a Central London Hospital to take part in a suicide pact? What possessed them to do this? What possessed them to drink a concoction of stolen hospital drugs mixed with chemicals, the mixture so strong that it dissolved their innards in minutes? They died in so much pain – their dead  faces were literally gargoyle in agony as blood oozed out of their orifices. When it is discovered that this is possibly the first of many suicide pacts scheduled to take place the TTS taskforce and the police find themselves in a race against time to break the code and find the locations of the other suicide pacts before more people die! Ten people – the oldest was 19 and the youngest was 13. Fact – In 2015 over 6000 people died in the UK due to suicide. U Murder U (Suicide) is a fictional thriller but is so real to life. See section below taken from the Introduction of U Murder U (Suicide) published by GLL Publishing  A Story   “A story is told of an angel called Lucifer who was once given a mission of making musical sounds and was put in charge of the worship team in Heaven. He was both beautiful and gifted, so much so that other angels and heavenly creatures were enthralled by his beauty and talent. He knew he was handsome and everyday he would admire himself and portray himself in all his splendour in front of... read more