Lord God King of Everything

Where were you? Taken from the novel ‘U Murder U (Suicide)’

Where were You?

When I was lonely and lost and had no hope

When I was homeless and when I was broke

When I cried and cried for an answered prayer

When everywhere I looked was full of despair

Where were You?

I was in the wind blowing that day, directing your footsteps towards a better way

I was in the hot cup of tea and the friendly smile given to you on that cold day

I heard your prayer before it was said and I answered it but you it misread

I too see the despair, I too feel the pain and send solutions again . . . and again. 

So where are you?

What do you do with the directions I give?

How do you respond to the smile from a stranger’s lips?

Why do you misread your answered prayers?

Why do you not use the solutions I send?

I am here, always was and always will be

I am in the opening of eyes and what they see

I am in the mother’s joy and newborn’s cry

I am in the comfort given when loved ones die

I am everywhere and in Me there is no despair

I AM . . . Omnipresent! Omniscient! Omnipotent!  

I . . . AM . . . LOVE!

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