Truths, Lies And Untold Secrets

Truths, Lies And Untold Secrets By Gladys Lawson

Full Synopsis

The ‘Secret’ was first transcribed in 1859 in the journal of Mary Laurelle. Over one hundred years later, her descendant, Julius Maxwell Kempalos, grows up in America under the rule of the mafia, headed by his elusive, overbearing grandfather, Don Kempalos. Surrounded by years of secrets and lies, Julius and three of his college friends meet one night and form the ‘Agency’ to fight against the corruption that seems to be engulfing 1970s America. That night, the foundations are laid for a new bill that, if made into law, will change the lives of millions. With the seeds of change sown, Julius summons the courage and breaks free of his mafia connections; but his problems are just beginning. He falls in love, secretly starts his own family, and is determined to keep them as far away from the corruption he grew up with. Attempts made to harm his wife and children force him to give them up in order to protect them. As the years pass, his children grow up unaware of his existence. He changes his name to Maxwell Kemp and focuses on the ‘Agency’ and on secretly undoing his grandfather’s legacy of drugs, gun smuggling, human sex trafficking and corruption. He focuses on destroying this legacy.

Through the many turns and twists that evolve Maxwell is finally reunited with his wife and children.

Truths, Lies And Untold Secrets delves into the consequences of secrets and the devastating effect they may or may not have when they are exposed.

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