U Murder U (Suicide) – Author Interview

U Murder U (Suicide) Combines Riveting Fiction With A Much Needed Campaign

 FEB 22, 2023

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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Gladys Lawson, a pathology manager and author, wrote U Murder U (Suicide), a hard-hitting book about Anna Lee Lewis and her ability to hear from people who have killed themselves.

Talk To Someone (TTS)

Glady Lawson’s U Murder U (Suicide) could not be more timely, tragic, or urgent given the charity Young Minds UK’s October report that suicide rates among 15- to 19-year-olds are at their highest level in 30 years.

U Murder U (Suicide) by Gladys Lawson on The Table Read Magazine
U Murder U (Suicide)

Gladys Lawson weaves harrowing fact with compelling fiction in a plot that has at its core the message she has worked so hard to convey through her online campaign, Talk To Someone (TTS), and almost everyone knows someone who has killed themselves or has been affected by the ripples of someone taking their own life.TrendingBased On Real-World Experiences, Death In A Time Of Conspiracy Is An Authentic Thriller

U Murder U (Suicide)

U Murder U (Suicide) offers readers a lot to think about, will make them cry, laugh, and have a lot of conversations. Gladys Lawson is an inspiring advocate for communication when it matters most, and she deserves to be congratulated for bringing suicide out of the shadows and making it a topic that deserves our undivided attention. Demand for mental health support is significantly higher than supply.

Ten young people meet for a suicide pact one day in a Central London hospital. It turns out that this is just the first of many planned suicide pacts. The TTS taskforce and the police are in a race against the clock to break the online code and locate the remaining suicide pacts before more people die.

The fictional work U Murder U (Suicide) is about preventing suicide. It introduces Anna Lee Lewis, an American woman who lives in London and possesses the ability to hear suicide victims. Anna joins the TTS taskforce with a secret story of her own and is motivated by the overwhelming regret she feels for the people who have died to stop suicides and expose the evil forces that cause them.

Gladys Lawson

Don’t be a statistic. Don’t be a sad memory. Don’t be a dark shadow. Don’t be a name whispered by people with heavy hearts is Gladys Lawson’s message. Know this no matter what you’re going through right now: you are priceless, unique, valuable, and irreplaceable to your family. She says this in the voice of your mother, father, sister, brother, friend, and other family members. You can get out of the darkness and into the light beyond. You can get through any situation, talk through the pain, and let that be your release.

Suicide is like saying “to hell with the life you’ve been given” because things will never change, but change happens when things are done differently. You can get through any situation, talk through the pain, and let that be your release. Tomorrow is what you make of it; you have free will, the power to choose given to you by God; choose life!

Gladys Lawson on The Table Read Magazine
Gladys Lawson

Last but not least, there are a lot of organizations that have been set up to help people deal with problems; therefore, you should never suffer in silence or on your own; instead, talk to someone!

Gladys Lawson is a pathology manager, author, and volunteer mentor who inspires teenagers to reach their full potential through her work with an education charity. Gladys has written a number of books over the years and has a passion for tackling important issues, conducting extensive research, and creating characters and stories that people will remember.

Additionally, she writes songs and poems, many of which are included in her books. She jokes that when she was about six years old, she wrote her first poem about a spider. It won a prize and gave her the writing bug she has today.

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