Chapter 10 of U Murder U (Suicide)

Talk To Someone - 1



The two people hated each other but the one thing which held them together albeit loosely, spurred them into action, dissipating their hate, if only momentarily. Eloise’s screams had been short-lived as her husband had slapped her and calmly instructed her to call for an ambulance. He had grabbed a towel and tore it into two as if it were mere tissue paper then using each piece had firmly bound each of Jessica’s wrists. Now, he held his daughter to him and spoke to her, willing her to live, willing her to try, “Don’t die Jessica, don’t leave us, please don’t die,” he whispered.

The sound of the siren preceded the flashing lights of the ambulance.

“They’re here! Patrick, the ambulance is here!” Eloise said as she let go of Jessica’s hand which she had been rubbing and ran downstairs to open the door for the paramedics.

“Up here!” Patrick shouted. “Please hurry!”

The paramedics, a male and female, rushed in with medical bags. “How long has she been unconscious?” The male paramedic asked. He knelt down next to Jessica’s lifeless body and felt the side of her neck for a pulse.

“Two maybe three minutes,” Patrick replied.

“What’s her name?”

“Jessica,” Eloise answered.

“Okay, we’ll take it from here,” the female paramedic said as she firmly moved Patrick back and took his place. “Jessica, can you hear me sweetheart? Jessica, can you hear me luv? Squeeze my hand if you can hear me Jessica.”

Jessica didn’t respond.

“Oh my God, she’s dead isn’t she? She’s dead this time!” Eloise screamed.

The female paramedic put the ear pieces of the stethoscope in her ears and pressed the metal end against Jessica’s chest. She listened then shook her head, “There’s a heartbeat! She’s alive! We need to bag her and get her to the hospital asap!”

“I’ll call it in,” the male paramedic said.



The Room was waiting.

It pulsated.

It trembled in excitement as it waited for someone new.


It is said that the angels in Heaven rejoice when someone repents and becomes born again. It is also said that the demons in hell rejoice when someone dies who isn’t, and are jubilant when someone commits suicide.


The Room was waiting.

It pulsated.

It trembled in excitement as it waited for someone new. 





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