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Chapters of U Murder U (Suicide) will soon be appearing on this blog!

Why did ten young people wake up one morning and convene at a Central London Hospital to take part in a suicide pact? What possessed them to do this? What possessed them to drink a concoction of stolen hospital drugs mixed with chemicals, the mixture so strong that it dissolved their innards in minutes? They died in so much pain – their dead  faces were literally gargoyle in agony as blood oozed out of their orifices.

When it is discovered that this is possibly the first of many suicide pacts scheduled to take place the TTS taskforce and the police find themselves in a race against time to break the code and find the locations of the other suicide pacts before more people die!

Ten people – the oldest was 19 and the youngest was 13.

Fact – In 2015 over 6000 people died in the UK due to suicide.

U Murder U (Suicide) is a fictional thriller but is so real to life.

See section below taken from the Introduction of U Murder U (Suicide) published by GLL Publishing 

A Story   “A story is told of an angel called Lucifer who was once given a mission of making musical sounds and was put in charge of the worship team in Heaven. He was both beautiful and gifted, so much so that other angels and heavenly creatures were enthralled by his beauty and talent. He knew he was handsome and everyday he would admire himself and portray himself in all his splendour in front of the other angels. One thing led to another and some of the angels began to worship him instead of JEHOVA, the One who created him. Day after day they would tell him how handsome he was and how wonderful his music sounded. After a while this angel forgot who had created him and what his mission was and began to believe in the praise he was given. He became abnormally arrogant and proud – narcissistic. One day he decided to rebel against the Creator and establish his own kingdom in Heaven where he would be worshipped day and night. But the only way he could have his own kingdom in Heaven was to overthrow the Creator. His rebellion led to him and about a third of the total population of angels in Heaven, whom he had misled into following him, being cast out of Heaven.Today that ex-angel, now called Satan, still exists but his mission is completely different. Today, his self-imposed mission is to capture as many souls as he can through any means necessary. He tempts people into worshipping him and once they do, they become his. He offers them ‘gifts’ of riches and fame but as these are not truly his to give, he never tells them how long they will have them or their true cost. In exchange for the ‘gifts’ he gives he takes their soul. For those whom he cannot tempt with riches and fame he causes situations to arise through his many workers (demons); he sends these workers out with evil spirits of depression, anger, hate, bitterness and unforgiveness to name a few. His workers walk among people on Earth and are able to attach or latch onto those who open themselves up to evilness. Through these attachments they have caused conflicts which have led to wars in this World. They have caused broken families, broken communities and broken countries. When they attach onto people they infect their minds, they control their minds and they destroy their minds. They enhance emotions, re-arrange the truth and impart death and depression, which can cause a person to think of suicidal thoughts. They know that if they can get a person to kill himself/herself then the person’s soul will belong to their leader and in return they will be rewarded. Their leader has convinced them that the more souls they get the more chance they have of getting back into Heaven. Their leader is a liar, a thief and a destroyer but they cannot see this. All they see is him, the way he was before they were all thrown out of Heaven. They believe his lies because they have been disconnected from the Way, the Life and the Truth they once knew.

   Quote by A. Newman 1852: ‘There is a war going on. Evil demons and spirits of murder and suicide controlled by the evil one are the enemy. Time is limited and the battle is fierce. The deception that souls are required to buy back entry into Heaven is pellucid and is being perfunctorily implemented.’

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of teenage suicides all over the world. This is a time of greater comfort and easier living – so why is this happening? Why do we read in the Newspapers, almost on a daily basis, stories about someone taking his own or her own life? Why is there an increase in suicide pacts taking place? This can no longer be ignored, we must pause and ask the question – What is going on?”

Part of a paper written and read by Dr Peter D. Lewis

National Congress of Human Life Preservation

NCHLP Headquarters, Washington DC



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