Truths, Lies And Untold Secrets

Truths, Lies And Untold Secrets



All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord, those who have been called according to His purpose.

Romans 8 verse 28.

These are powerful words and today, as my father, the minister, preached them with such passion, I was convinced to an extent. For somehow, when you have seen a vision of hell on the faces of the people you love, like I have, you wonder what your purpose is, you wonder if you have indeed really been called. This is nearly the fourth year of the war between the Union of the North and us in the South. In the past months, many people have lost their families, homes, and livelihoods. We have been fortunate indeed and have not suffered much loss. Papa says we should be thankful yet more vigorous in our attempts to help our brothers in the North free the slaves.
All around me I see hate on the faces of people that I have known nearly all my life. This hate is so fierce, yet it seems to have no source or reason, but just is. I am told that ‘Love Destroys Hate.’ Many nights I have lain awake wondering if this is true. In the midst of all this hate and darkness, can a light be seen? Will love claim its victory? Will the people who come after us understand why, as people who profess to love God—brother had to fight brother to free our brothers? I hope they will because I am living in this era and as God is my witness I cannot. Now, I have to stay strong and be faithful to the ‘cause’, above all I have to keep the secret of my family safe in this place I call home. For this is the South where sympathizers and abolitionists are hated, ostracized, and regarded as traitors. The South where some things must remain concealed—at least for now.

Paraphrased extract from a Journal of: Mary Laurelle Jameson

Born: May 22nd 1842—Died: August 14th 1897

Taken from Truths, Lies And Untold Secrets 

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