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Cactus in Arizona Photo taken by GLL Publishing


Arizona Mountains photo taken by GLL Publishing



Who have you appreciated recently?

I am currently in Arizona and saw something on the TV that really touched me. A group of teachers in High School (Secondary School in the UK), took time out to tell the student who had really positively affected them how much they appreciated them. It was so good to see how happy the teachers were and how emotional and happy the students were by being positively affirmed. It also made me think – how often do I tell people how much I appreciate them?

What we say can either lift people up or bring them down

A scripture in the Bible says ‘Life and death are in the power of the tongue’. This means that you can say positive things and bring happiness to people or say negative things and bring sadness to people.

I and all at GLL Publishing choose to say positive things and bring happiness to people and we are truly overwhelmed by all the support people have given us by sharing our positive inspirational photos and liking us. We have recently started our ‘What if..’ campaign where we hope to get people thinking about others and how to treat people positively.

To everyone who has shared our photos like the ones below, we want to say a humongous ‘Thank you’.

We at GLL Publishing appreciate you and we send you our love and best wishes from Arizona.


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