Merry Christmas and Much Love From GLL Publishing – XOXO

Merry Christmas From GLL Publishing Christmas is a time of the year when families get together and presents are exchanged but it is also a time when some people without a family are lonely and have no one to share the season with. So what can you do to make a difference? Be a friend to the friendless Give hope to the hopeless Be kind to people who’ve been hurt Make a difference in someone’s life With LOVE All Things Are Possible – A smile, a gift to someone who might not be getting one this Christmas, a kind word spoken in love …… There are so many things we can do to make a difference …… So let’s start to make a difference today!                   From everyone at GLL Publishing, have a very many Christmas and Happy New Year. We at GLL Publishing wish you love, happiness and joy, not just for Christmas but always x   Special offer: Get a free copy of ‘Despite all odds: A Dream Fulfilled Part 1’ when you buy any book from the GLL Publishing collection. Contact me at for your free copy.      ... read more

The TTS Campaign – GLL Publishing Engages with 31,000 Schools to Prevent Teenage Suicide!

                                                                                GLL Publishing 2015 U Murder U (Suicide): Shocking Novel From GLL Publishing Depicts Raw Reality of Suicide; Urging Readers to Keep Living… Gladys Lawson’s ‘U Murder U (Suicide)’ tells the harrowing yet gripping story of ten youths whose own secret suicide pact serves as the catalyst for an epidemic of similar events across London. Lawson’s work as a mentor to young people has raised alarming flags about humanity’s disposition to suicide, inspiring her to write a book aimed at preventing this tragic “way out”. Fusing her story with fiction, Lawson also mentions groups and organisations that can help people work through their problems instead of taking drastic actions they will never be able to reverse.See Book Review: Contact: Gladys Lawson Email: Email with promotional code TTS00247 for discounted copies of U Murder U (Suicide). TAKEN FROM PRESS RELEASE The statistics are impossible to hide from; each year approximately one million people die from suicide, a number up 60% in the past four decades. Whether an unplanned impulse or carefully-choreographed action, the damage of suicide can never be undone. In her compelling new novel, Gladys Lawson tackles this subject with the raw brevity that few authors dare. ‘U Murder U (Suicide)’ fuses fact with fiction to ultimately urge readers to seek therapy over death; to understand that there’s always light through life’s darkest moments. The ten young protagonists in the novel failed to see this – and the consequences are more than chilling. Synopsis: Why did ten young people wake up one morning and convene at a Central London Hospital to take part in a... read more

The Australian girl called Samantha – Victim 4

8.20pm Everyone in the room looked at the suicide letter on the screen. It had been written by an Australian girl called Samantha Simpson (Sammy), several pictures taken from social networking media sites that Genny had managed to find were also on the screen. In one picture she was cuddling a baby Koala and smiling and in another picture she was sitting on the beach smiling, she looked beautiful and happy. Next to her pictures was a single picture of her lying dead, a picture taken of her as she had been found in Livingston Ward. The contrast was sickening. Before the letter had been found in the pocket of her jeans she had been referred to as Victim 4. This beautiful happy looking young lady was someone’s daughter, someone’s friend, someone’s relative – now, Victim 4.   The Letter The first time I saw you at Sidney International Airport, you were reading War and Peace by Tolstoy and seemed to be enjoying it. I had read the book the year before and had initially found it hard to get into but I stuck with it and found myself sailing through the 1,440 pages. I don’t remember who spoke first but I do remember smiling at you and you putting the book down and smiling at me. That day seems so long ago now baby and still I think of it often. We were too ships waiting to board two different planes in the night. You were going to Thailand and I was on the last leg of a 360 travel package. I remember during our conversation you asking me... read more

8 year old Shane’s story – Taken from novel ‘U Murder U (Suicide)’

The Tenth Person Shane Nelson read once that thousands of children under the age of 10 were depressed. He asked his mother why this was and she said it was because they didn’t think of anyone else but themselves. That these children were being raised not to care about anyone but just what they could get from everyone and when they couldn’t get something they became depressed. She said in her day she had one doll and a few colouring books when she was his age and she was happy with her lot. Shane wasn’t sure if he was depressed, he knew he got things his brothers and sisters didn’t get but he was unhappy. His father gave him everything and the rest of the family nothing. He knew his brothers and sisters hated him and his mother was always scared. He was torn, he loved his mother but he also loved his father. He had tried to hate his father for his siblings’ sake but found he couldn’t. His home was a time-bomb and he hated living there. The only thing that made him happy now was talking to Jessy James 6 online. On The Day Of The Suicide Pact Shane had tried to get away from his brothers and sisters earlier but for some reason they kept watching him. They made him go on the roof with them and they shared their chicken and chips with him – something they had never done in the past. In the past they usually relegated him to wherever they were not, it didn’t really matter where; he was ‘Daddy’s favourite’ and... read more

I Survived Suicide – Taken from the fiction novel ‘U Murder U (Suicide)’

When I was faced with death I didn’t really want to die!  “I used to cut my arms with a dirty razor blade because I hoped that I would get an infection and die. One day I ended up in hospital with septicaemia and nearly died. The funny thing was when I was faced with the possibility of death, I didn’t want to die. My parents contacted TTS and a counsellor came to see me in the hospital. It was weird; it was a bit like in the Matrix movie where Neo was told to choose a pill. I was told to choose life over death and that in order for me to get over my own problems I should try and help other people. My counsellor took me to the children’s cancer unit in the hospital and showed me some children who had various stages of cancer. Suddenly, my trying to kill myself because my boyfriend had dumped me seemed so pathetic and incomprehensible. My TTS counsellor kept in touch with me for weeks, she checked that I was going to school and spoke to my parents about any concerns for me they might have. She still calls me and still makes sure that I focus on my dreams and work towards them. I want to become a scientist and help people with cancer get better. I go to the cancer ward every week and I love talking to the children there and taking them on trips with the hospital staff. I love that they are fighters and want to live and I thank God every day for... read more

Singing Sensation Terry J. King had a million reasons to live – So why did he kill himself?

Singing Sensation Terry J. King had millions in the bank, millions of fans and a million reasons to live but he chose to die!    Terry J. King, TJK as he was known to his fans, was exhausted. He had just returned from a tour which had seen his band performing in sell-out venues all over North and South America. His group K-A-Y 3 consisted of Melvin Andrews and Simon Young – three eighteen year old boys who had been friends since they were at primary school together in South London. K-A-Y 3 was the brainchild of Terry’s mum, Maya, who had seen the potential of the boys years ago when they had come together to do a five minute musical slot for a school play – they had performed during the interlude of Romeo and Juliet the musical. Maya King, once a singer herself who had shot to fame with her breakthrough hip hop song, ‘Girls Are Doing It Too’ years ago, saw something in her son’s group that reminded her of herself. As a Black woman trying to make it in a predominately White, male industry it had been hard for her but she didn’t give up, she kept plugging her stuff and one thing led to another which saw her opening for A- list performers. Her career had been short lived but whilst it lived it had exposed her to first class air travel, stays at prestigious hotels and the consumption of food and wine that she could barely pronounce. After her career had died she knew one thing – having had those things and losing... read more

Bullied and Ostracized – Jimmy Duncan’s Story taken from U Murder U (Suicide)

Why did ten young people wake up one morning and convene at a Central London Hospital to take part in a suicide pact? What possessed them to do this? What possessed them to drink a concoction of stolen hospital drugs mixed with chemicals, the mixture so strong that it dissolved their innards in minutes? They died in so much pain – their dead faces were literally gargoyle in agony as blood oozed out of their orifices. From back blurb of U Murder U (Suicide). 13 year old Jimmy Duncan was one of the young people at the hospital that morning – this is his story.  It was a school day. Jimmy Duncan didn’t go to school today; instead he went to the local internet cafe and sat in front of a computer for hours. This was his safe place – here there was no bullying, no hateful words, no hitting and no laughing at him. Here he played games, listened to music and chatted with virtual friends online. He spent six hours in the internet cafe and during that time he ate ten packets of crisps, five chocolate bars, five packets of sweets (500g packs) and he drank a litre of cheap cola. At 3pm he left the cafe and walked home choosing not to take the bus and face public humiliation. Jimmy closed the front door, he heard sounds coming from the front room; the TV was on. He walked into the front room and saw his mother asleep on the settee. A half full one litre bottle of cider was next to an empty cider bottle under... read more

The ‘Talk To Someone’ (TTS) Campaign

  Each year one million people die from suicide – A growing number of these people are Teenagers – At GLL Publishing we believe this has to stop. The ‘Talk To Someone’ Campaign is geared towards encouraging people to get help by talking to someone. There are so many organisations like NSPCC, ChildLine, Kidscape, Samaritans etc that help people.     Don’t Suffer in silence – Talk To Someone!!! Next month the GLL Publishing Blog will start a series of short stories based on the lives of ten teenagers who convened at a Central London hospital to take part in a suicide pact. The stories are taken from the book, ‘U Murder U (Suicide), which is a fictional novel published by GLL Publishing. Gladys x 30th March 2015 read more